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Lala JoyHere's a post I've been wanting to do for a while -- French Pop songs I like that never made it onto the blog due to their limited availability in the U.S.

Avid French music fans in the United States often miss out on great songs and artists because the music isn't digitally (or physically) available. It frustrates me to no end when I hear a cool French song or artist, but I can't blog about them because their music is not for sale in the U.S. iTunes store.

Sometimes the albums do EVENTUALLY show up -- a year or more after their release in France, but a lot of music never gets released stateside at all.

Get hooked on these songs at your own risk, with the knowledge that you might have to buy the physical CDs in order to get the music, or you might not be able to buy it at all. You can always bookmark this page and come back here to check it out whenever you want.

If you want me to do more of these posts (despite the music availability issue), or just more roundup posts in general leave a comment and let me know. I called this post roundup #1, planning for it to be the first in a series, if I get enough feedback. Now, on to the videos...

Lala Joy: Il y a
A feel-good French Pop hit to enjoy on a sunny day.


talTal: On Avance buy-now
I bumped this song so hard in 2012 -- but never posted it here because you can't buy it on iTunes. Tal has turned out to be a major breakthrough star in France. You can buy her album on Amazon as an import (and it's totally worth the money, I assure you), but no digital formats in the U.S. for now.


Leslie: Des mot invincibles
Here's another one that would've been right at home with on a playlist with last summer's hits. Leslie (Bourgoin) has sort of an R&B Pop vibe, like Kenza Farah or Shy'm. This song is from her 5th album since 2002. That's some impressive longevity for a young R&B artist who's still in her 20's.


Djany: Nos jeux d'enfants Buy from iTunes

I've heard some other music from Djany, and I think she's got a lot of promise. If her music becomes available stateside, she might get a blog post of her own.


Djany featuring Nessbeal: Paroles en l'air
Another one from Djany, who's quickly positioning herself to be the next Rihanna or Beyonce out of France. I was going to save it for the R&B roundup (if you request one in the comments), but I couldn't wait.


Maya Barsony: Poing Virgule Buy from iTunes
Hmmm. What to say about this one? There's nothing particularly engaging about Maya Barsony as an artist. She's sort of related to some famous people (her half brother is the French singer Arthur H., son of Jacques Higelin), and she had a minor Pop hit a few years ago. She reinvented herself for her latest album, going from "sex kitten" to "sexy librarian." I think this song's kinda cute.


Elisa Tovati & Tom Dice: Il Nous Faut Buy it
Everybody loves a bi-lingual song. I think the English part makes the French part sound less intimidating. You can actually get this on the English singer's album (Tom Dice), but Elisa Tovati's French album is unfortunately not available in the U.S.


Jena LeeJena Lee: J'aimerais Tellement buy-now
OK, so this one is like 4 years old, but it was my jam and it never came out in the U.S. I never bought into the "emo R&B" thing they were marketing, but Jena Lee writes catchy songs (for herself and other top French artists) that stand on their own -- she didn't really need the emo hook.


Jena Lee: Du Style
I like this one because it's great to dance / work out to. I told you she writes catchy tunes. "Du Style" was another single on Jena Lee's debut album. The singer released a second album Ma Reference in 2010.


So, what did you think? Which song was your favorite? Do you want more video roundups, even if you can't buy the music? What roundup would you like to see next? Male singers, Female singer/songwriters, R&B, Hip Hop, or Rock? Leave a comment below.

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13 comments to French Music Videos

    • Celeste

      Thanks for your comment, Sergio. Tal’s career took off quickly with that first single. She’s quite famous now. Check out her other singles and let me know what you think.

  • Eveline

    My students also really love Matt Pokora and Tal. They also really love a lot of the Generation Goldman hits.

    • Celeste

      I like them both, too. The GG albums have most of my faves on there, even Leslie, who’s not as well known outside France as some of the others.

  • Shan

    Thanks for introducing me to Lala Joy’s “Il y a”. I just adore Tal, her entire album is fantastique! I’m a French teacher and try to keep up with who is “current” in the charts. Your blog is very helpful! I’d love to see current popular male artists, all genres like R&B, rap, rock. My students like M Pokora, but maybe because he’s easy on the eyes haha! Christophe Maé is a favorite of mine, along with Sexion d’Assaut. Keep your recommendations coming please!:)

  • Karla Thomas

    Hi. I’m a French teacher (middle school) and love your website for myself and also to use with my students! Keep up the great work and the roundups are great!

  • Michaux

    Thanks for this! You are my link to popular French music. I just got back from France and was able to introduce my friends to some French artists they did not know! That felt pretty good.

  • Jonathan

    Nice post!!, i’m looking for a french song very calm morning music.. think it was on tv 2007 – 2008 the music video had only feet walking/stepping on grass. cant remember loved the song but never bothered to remember the artist and now im searching for it. :(

    • Celeste

      Hi Jonathan. Thanks for checking it out. Your mystery song predates this blog (and my immersion in French music) by a year or two, so I can’t help you there. But maybe another reader will recognize it and reply.

  • David

    Great post. Please do more like this.

  • I love “Il y a.” It’s such a happy, catchy song!

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