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French Male SingersExplore the music of contemporary male French singers like Mickael Miro, Thomas Dutronc, and more.

Check out the male French singers who are influencing today's music and topping the charts:

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Mickael MiroMickael MiroBuy it

In 2011, Mickael Miro scored a megahit with "L'horlage tourne." (The video scored over 6 million views online.) He's back with his sophomore album, Le temps des sourires.

The album is mostly Acoustic Pop, with a little Top 40 in the mix. Standouts include hummable hit, "La Vie Simplement," the heartfelt ballads "Le Temps Des Sourires" and "Tu Es La," and the uptempo (and Enrique Iglesias-esque) "Go Go Go!" The singer also records his own version of "Là-Bas," the 80's Jean-Jacques Goldman hit that was also recently remade on the Generation Goldman tribute album.


Thomas DutroncThomas DutroncBuy it

One would think the son of 60's French pop icons Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc would aspire to Pop notoriety himself, but alas, Thomas Dutronc stepped out in a totally different direction -- embracing Gypsy Jazz (jazz manouche).

Dutronc was inspired by the 1930's gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt, and at 34 years old, put out his first solo album, Comme un Manouche sans Guitare (like a Gypsy without a guitar), which enjoyed strong sales in France.

Now he's back with his second album in the same vein, Silence on tourne, on tourne en rond.


Stromae: Dance Floor Provocateur

StromaeIf there's an artist of the moment, it's definitely Stromae. (Pronounced STROH-MAI, it's "maestro" with the syllables reversed.) The enigmatic performer is often compared to another Franco-Belgian singer-songwriter, Jacques Brel, for his realist subject matter -- even if it is delivered over a killer dance beat.

A study in contradictions, both visual and musical, this artist is currently the toast of Europe. He's struck a nerve with recession anthems disillusioned Pop songs that make you want to both shake your booty and slit your wrists.

With his timely arrival on the music scene, he managed to crystallize the frustrations of an entire continent (not to mention an entire generation) in one ubiquitous song. But we'll get to that.

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Corneille Enchants Across Boundaries

CorneilleA French singer / songwriter, Canadian transplant, and Rwandan genocide survivor, Corneille has always stood between worlds.

Though inspired by the usual R&B legends -- Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Michael Jackson -- his music has a universal appeal that has largely kept him from being pigeonholed by race. He fits on the musical spectrum somewhere between Christophe Mae and Tété.

Corneille (pronounced Kor-NAY) launched his career in his adopted home of Montreal, but it was France that first embraced him as one of their own. This platinum-selling artist triumphed over personal tragedy to become one of today's most popular singers in France and French-speaking countries around the world.

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Julien Dore: Quirky French Heartthrob

Julien DoreQuirky French heartthrob Julien Dore is known for his playful approach to music, and his penchant for making downright wacky music videos. He gained notoriety during season 5 of Nouvelle Star (French "American Idol"), when his riveting performances quickly became the main draw.

But there's more to him than a pretty face, perfectly tousled locks, and a reality show title.

Born and raised near Nimes in the south of France, Julian Doré is the great-great-great-nephew of the artist Gustave Doré, illustrator for the literary works of Balzac, Victor Hugo, and others. He attended Fine Arts school in Nimes, studying music, acting, drawing, photography and film editing -- which explains the trippy music videos.

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M: French Rock Superstar

M, French Singer

Photo by Nicolas Guerrin

The innovative French singer M is known for his playful Rock compositions and wildly theatrical live shows.
His cooing falsetto is perfectly suited for his Rock-meets-Disco Funk sound.

Born Matthieu Chedid, he chose the pseudonym "-M-" and fashioned a whimsical superhero alter ego (with his wild suits and "M"-shaped hairdo à la Grandpa Munster -- a look he's since traded for "M"-shaped sunglasses) to help him overcome his shyness on stage.

Over the course of 5 studio albums, live recordings, and numerous soundtracks (including an Oscar nominated song on "The Triplets of Belleville" soundtrack), -M- has become one of the most beloved performers in France today.
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Christophe Mae: French Acoustic Pop Singer

Christophe Mae

Photo by Bernard Benant

Singer-songwriter Christophe Maé performs acoustic Pop infused with Folk, Reggae, Blues and Soul. His music has an upbeat acoustic vibe, similar to Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, or John Mayer. He's one of the biggest Pop stars in France today.

The singer, born Christophe Martichon, hails from Carpentras, a town in the Provence region of southeast France. A self-taught musician, Mae is heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman, Otis Redding, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, and one can hear threads of them woven throughout his music.

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