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French Male SingersExplore the music of contemporary male French singers like Mickael Miro, Thomas Dutronc, and more.

Today's French male singers showcase a variety of styles. Some are influenced by France's legendary artists like Serge Gainsbourg and Charles Aznavour, while others are of the Acoustic Pop or Folk variety, sounding more like Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz in French. Others have a sound firmly rooted in Rock & Roll.

Check out the male French singers who are influencing today's music and topping the charts:

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Mickael MiroMickael MiroBuy it

In 2011, Mickael Miro scored a megahit with "L'horlage tourne." (The video scored over 6 million views online.) He's back with his sophomore album, Le temps des sourires.

The album is mostly Acoustic Pop, with a little Top 40 in the mix. Standouts include the hummable hit, "La Vie Simplement," the heartfelt ballads "Le Temps Des Sourires" and "Tu Es La," and the uptempo (and Enrique Iglesias-esque) "Go Go Go!" The singer also records his own version of "Là-Bas," the 80's Jean-Jacques Goldman hit that was also recently remade on the Generation Goldman tribute album.


Thomas DutroncThomas DutroncBuy it

One would think the son of 60's French pop icons Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc would aspire to Pop notoriety himself, but alas, Thomas Dutronc stepped out in a totally different direction -- embracing Gypsy Jazz (jazz manouche).

Dutronc was inspired by the 1930's gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt, and at 34 years old, put out his first solo album, Comme un Manouche sans Guitare (like a Gypsy without a guitar), which enjoyed strong sales in France.

His second album in the same vein, is called Silence on tourne, on tourne en rond.

Dutronc's most recent work is the children's musical Le Soldat Rose 2, which features an all-star cast of popular French singers. Check Dutronc singing lead on one of the singles here >>


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